Mobility Scooters

Mobility is the cornerstone of independence. It is easy to take it for granted when you have it, but losing the ability to get around by yourself can change your life and limit it in so many ways. Over ten million people are affected by a disability of some kind. Most commonly reported physical impairments are those related to mobility, carrying weights or lifting. Life expectancy today is very high and people are able to live for much longer. As the number of older people in society increases, issues related to geriatrics and old age will become more and more relevant. Mobility aids are commonly used by the aged for personal transportation and this can help people remain independent with regard to longer, and improve quality of life significantly.

From walking sticks, walkers to powered wheelchairs, there are many different aids that are designed for different levels of ability. Just like wheelchairs, flexibility scooters are personal transport vehicles. These vehicles are commonly used these days as a disability or geriatric aid. Manual wheelchairs can be difficult to manoeuvre without enough strength in the arms and shoulders. It also requires a certain amount of dexterity in the hands and fingers. Flexibility scooters are similar to electric wheelchairs which can be propelled with a motor and run on electricity. Some models can run on gas, but these are less common and perhaps noisier than their electric counterparts.

There are various manufacturers that make these fold up motorised scooter, each company usually having different models, with different speed ranges, weight bearing capacity, interface and design. There are both three-wheel and four-wheel models available on the market. Three-wheel scooters are easier to steer, due to a smaller turning radius. They are also generally more lightweight, which can be a bonus for some people. However , four- wheel scooters are more stable and can be used on uneven outdoor surfaces easily.

In general, mobility scooters can achieve speeds between 5 to 20 miles per hour, but some models have been known to go as fast as 70 mph! Most standard scooters are driven at around 8 miles per hour. One important advantage of mobility scooters over other common types of freedom aids, such as wheelchairs, is that it they can comfortably be used outdoors. The fact that it is designed like a regular moped makes it easily manoeuvrable on roads as well as pavements, and is used for long periods of time. The seat or chair is ergonomically designed and the platform regarding feet is wide. This makes it the one of the most comfortable options available

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