Opening the Third Eye: Ancient Techniques for Activating The Pineal Gland or Third Eye

The pineal organ is a pea-sized organ formed like a pine cone, situated in the vertebrate mind close to the hypothalamus and pituitary organ (around the center of the brow, marginally over the intersection of the eyebrows). Otherwise called the third eye, it is a respected apparatus of diviners and spiritualists and viewed as the organ of incomparable all inclusive association. In Hinduism, the third eye alludes to the ajna, or temples chakra.

The third eye alludes to the door that prompts internal domains and spaces of higher cognizance. The third eye is regularly connected with religious dreams, hyper vision, the capacity to watch chakras and airs, precognition, and out-of-body encounters. Once your third eye is opened, and you see yourself, the entire span of your cognizance, you have come near the sanctuary of God; you are simply remaining on the means. You can see the entryway and you can’t avoid the compulsion to go inside the sanctuary and see what is there. There you discover general awareness, there you discover illumination, there you discover extreme freedom. There you discover your forever.


On the off chance that your two eyes stop totally, in the event that they move toward becoming non-moving, static, similar to stones, with no development in these eyes, the vitality quits moving through them. On the off chance that you stop them, the vitality quits coursing through them. The vitality streams; that is the reason they move. The vibration, the development, is a result of the vitality. On the off chance that the vitality isn’t moving, your eyes will turn out to be much the same as a dead man’s eyes — stoney, dead. Taking a gander at a spot, gazing at it without enabling your eyes to move anyplace else, will give a staticness. Abruptly the vitality which was traveling through the two eyes won’t travel through these eyes.


In any case, the vitality needs to move for third eye activation; vitality can’t be static. Eyes can be static, however vitality can’t be static. So it attempts to locate another way. What’s more, the third eye is simply close, just between the two eyebrows, a large portion of an inch down. It is simply near — the closest point. On the off chance that your vitality is discharged from these eyes, the primary thing that can happen is that it will travel through the third eye. It is similarly as though water is streaming and you close one gap: it will discover another — the closest which can be found with the slightest obstruction. It will discover it consequently; you don’t need to do anything particularly. With these physical eyes, you simply need to prevent vitality from traveling through them, and after that vitality will locate its own way and it will travel through the third eye.


This is one of the most seasoned techniques — very much utilized, and one of the easiest too. Close every one of the openings of the head– eyes, ears, nose, mouth. At the point when every one of the openings of the head are shut, your cognizance, which is consistently flowing out, is ceased all of a sudden: it can’t move out. You might not have watched, but rather regardless of whether you stop your relaxing for a minute, all of a sudden your psyche will stop on the grounds that with breathing personality proceeds onward. That is a molding with the psyche. You should comprehend what ‘molding’ implies, at that point just will this procedure be straightforward.

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